Is it an affair?

by Rod Smith

“Is it an affair if you do everything but have sex? I had a relationship with a married man who told me that if his wife found out he would tell her I was a stalker. I thought he was joking. We had a place we would go see each other. He eventually showed up with his wife without telling me. I never talked to him again. He never called me and I was too afraid to call him. His wife started showing up where I use to see him and gave me dirty looks as if she knew what was going on. The ‘relationship’ between us was on and off for two years. I have guilt about and still have feelings for him. I do not contact him but I want to. I fear his wife and know deep down he is bad for me. I was wrong as well. I felt wild for him. We were physical sexually but never had sex as this to him was the only real proof of cheating. What do you think?”

It’s an affair (or an act of unfaithfulness) if it seduces either person from his or her primary intimate relationship, makes either person have to lie to anyone, and involves any intimate physical contact.

One Comment to “Is it an affair?”

  1. Ofcourse it is. Wth. You have been unfaithful to your partner and also been unfair to the guy’s wife. Just because you didnt have “SEX” doesnt make it any less of an affair. Even if the two of you did nothing physically but only talked, it would be wrong cuz he is a married man and you have no right to enter his life. Get a life.

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