I told him to keep running – yes, I could have been more helpful:

by Rod Smith

I agree I could have been more helpful to the man who now avoids dating divorced women with children. Here’s a sample, with minimal editing, of the landslide of mail….

“A bit harsh weren’t you? (Mercury 7/10/2010). Unless the hapless running fellow gave you a lot more than you gave us, seems you were having a pretty rough day when you penned your tart response!”

“You obviously have no experience of dating a single mother. Her guilt and self-recrimination at the breakdown of her marriage drives her to over compensate and not discipline the child. There is also the problem of paternal visitation as you normalise the family dynamics. It’s time for the child to visit daddy and returns bitter and twisted having been used as a pawn in the divorce. So I suggest to Mr. Anonymous to run, like the wind and find a childless mother.”

“I would disagree with your quick judgment. The man’s tone is a little cynical, but usually you are tactful, honest, and helpful. It’s not about controlling. I think your opinion of how to balance a new three-way relationship like that would be helpful rather. The question you should address is what/how SHOULD a gentleman do / act in a relationship with a single mom.”

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