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October 14, 2010

Thanks for understanding….. a woman writes:

by Rod Smith

“I read your column about why people stay in toxic relationships with interest. I could have been reading about myself and I was amazed at your understanding of toxic circumstances.

“I married my ‘dream man’ when I was definitely looking for love and security. In a year I realised that he was a ‘man of straw’ and all the things you mention relate to me as well as intense jealousy because of my husband’s insecurity.

“He is selfish and totally self-absorbed. I was never physically abused but mental abuse is almost as bad. I don’t know how I endured, but I had decided divorce was not an option. I had four children by 30. When I did eventually contemplate divorce there were always reasons why I could or would not consider it.

“It has been a long hard road but God has brought me to this point and I can’t question why. I am a reasonably happy and contented person today and am at peace. I made a choice some years ago to be happy and I have lots of friends and many interests.

“I drew much comfort from your understanding of a difficult situation. As I would say, ‘Walk a mile in my shoes’ and then ask why I stayed.”