After 10 years he says he needs space……

by Rod Smith

“I have lived with a man for 10 years. We have had minor arguments off and on. He is in a high stress environment at work. We have faced many accidents and even cancer throughout our time together. We talked about getting married, and buying a house together. Three weeks ago he told me he needs space. He wants to live in his own house and me live in mine and see me every two weeks. He told me also he wants no one around him right now that there is too much going on in his life. There is no other woman, just friends to talk to for a woman’s point of view. Does it sound like it is over? Do you think he has some major issues and he does not know how to deal with them? I have been very lonely and he knows it. He knows I love him.”

I’d suggest you kick yourself into gear and decide what you will do with the rest of your life – rather than wait for a man to face his potential “major issues” or tell you it is over. The only woman’s point of view he ought to consider after ten years is yours.

One Comment to “After 10 years he says he needs space……”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Generally speaking when I man says he thinks he needs space what he means is he thinks he wants to be free to see other people.

    I wrote an article on this subject I’d like to share.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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