He’s leaving the children and me for someone he found on the Internet…..

by Rod Smith

“My husband told me four weeks ago that he does not love me anymore and he has felt like this for the last seven years. We have three small children and have been married ten years. He has found someone through the Internet and he loves her and he is waiting until after Christmas to see if he will move out. I still love him so much even though he has broken my heart. I don’t know how I am going to carry on. Please help.” (Edited grammar)

Don't hide his actions.....

Although you must face tough issues, it is time for you to go into action. I will offer you only the first step in your long journey: Rally the support of your extended family, in-laws, neighbors, and all you consider friends, and let them all know what you are facing. Call a community meeting if you must. In such conversations, or at such a meeting, do not seek pity, sympathy or revenge. Simply state the truth about what is happening and confess your need of help and support as you face possible desertion from your husband and the father of your children. Do not protect a man who is willing to leave his wife and children for someone he hardly knows, let alone believe he loves.

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