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December 15, 2009

Now I know what he’s really like…..

by Rod Smith

“My daughter (15) and I had to permanently swap cell phones. We let all our friends know. Next thing, I started getting really horrible text messages from a young man we know well and whose parents are close friends of mine. After the first message I replied reminding him we had changed phones but I don’t think he read it. Now I have had about 6 more messages that are sexually suggestive, drug related, and full of really bad language. I know the boy (16) will be very embarrassed to know I have been receiving these messages that are not intended for my daughter since he sends them to another name. There is obviously a mix up in his phone book but it is sad I now know what this sweet young man is really like. Do I confront him myself or tell his parents?” (Situation reconstructed from “live” issue)

Save all the messages. Meet with his parents. Enlighten them regarding the son’s activities. You owe it to your adult friends to be as forthright as possible, as soon as possible. Fallout you might experience from the family (people are often quite irrational when it comes to their children) will be worth it if your actions result in the parents lovingly addressing their son.