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December 3, 2009

Please add your ideas of success to mine…..

by Rod Smith

Use your power well

Success: What it is not, what it is:

1. It is not accumulating lots of money if it is at the expense of your family relationships. Many men and women have been seduced by money and status, only to lose their primary relationships. Success is generating enough income so you do not have to be constantly focused on money.

2. It is not being so focused on your relationships that your ability to earn money are compromised. Some men and women give up the possibilities of a great career for “love.” A successful person carves a life he/she can afford and a cadre of meaningful relationships.

3. It is not being powerful (influential) for the sake of being powerful. It is desiring the power to use for the good of all.

4. It is not owing a lot of things, going a lot of places, being well known. It is owning things, going places, being well connected in order to serve and empower others.

5. It is not simply being educated. There are many educated people who do not use their education for the good of those around them. It is being educated and serving others with your skills and knowledge.

6. Success includes being a giver rather than a taker, a contributor rather than a consumer. Included in that would be the way we treat the planet. (submitted by Charles Vorster)