Former sister-in-law has everything…

by Rod Smith

“My ex-wife and I were divorced after a long, bitter fight. After the divorce, my ex claimed all the contents of the house: furniture, appliances, curtains, curtain-rails, everything accumulated over ten years. Recently, I picked up my children from my former sister-in-law’s. To my disgust I discovered that half my furniture now decorates her living room. For ten years I opened my house to her. She had keys to come and go as she pleased. I thought perhaps she should use better judgment when accepting gifts.”

Take up your life

Take up your life

Don’t enter the house if you don’t want to see your old curtains. The real material lies unclaimed between you and your former wife. For your sake, and for the sake of your children, get your understandable residue resentments taken care of. This action, on your part, will not necessitate even one conversation with your former wife. It is not about her. It is thoroughly and completely about your response to all that has occurred. Divorce is war. Killing a marriage is violent business, and you are its hostage. Your former sister-in-law may have poor taste and your old curtains, but it is peace you are missing. Regarding the living room, I get it. But I am not sure your former family will.

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