Voice lessons

by Rod Smith

Let your voice be heard!

Let your voice be heard!

Every person has a voice that is designed for full expression. Some have allowed their voice to be stolen or silenced and might find it necessary to take time to find or re-establish the voice they have chosen to deny or ignore. Thankfully, suppressing a voice seldom kills it. It can usually be found even after years of denial.

Any person who will not hear what you have to say, or who tries to silence you, does not love you even if he or she proclaims otherwise. It is never a loving act, except in very unusual circumstances, to stop someone from expressing who he or she is. Likewise, it is never a loving act to withhold your contribution to the world by maintaining your silence.

You were not created to be silent or to silence others. The world will benefit for hearing who you are and what you have to say. Part of having a voice, and using it, involves the process of discovering how best to package and express your voice so others can hear what you have to say.

Compromise yourself, your talents and skills for no one. Be silenced or made “smaller,” rendered voiceless for no one. It is never worth it. There is no cause, no relationship, worthy of your silence. There is no person of any rank, no spouse, boss, or spiritual leader deserving of your downplaying who you are. Only those with dark motives will seek for you to be less, minimized, diminished, or silenced. Walk away from such small-mindedness, even if it is costly to do so.

Find your voice; use your power!

Find your voice; use your power!

Loving, good people, will celebrate your strength, encourage your freedom, and admire your talent. Stick with such people. Stay with those who enlarge your world, not restrict, shrink, or contain it. Live fully, love fully, and speak fully.

I am weary of men and women, irrespective of who they are, who hold others captive, especially in the name of love.

I am weary of spiritual “leaders” who are afraid of gifted people; of bosses who silence talented people lest their own inadequacies be revealed. If you live above, and beyond, the damaging jealousies that surround you, you will stimulate the dreams of everyone in your circle of influence, and make your dreams come true before your very eyes – and the world will hear your voice.

One Comment to “Voice lessons”

  1. Wow Rod….

    What a timely read for me. I won’t bore you with the details.

    Thank you for sharing this!! Another one I’m gonna save and may have to blog about.

    Big cyber hugs to you and yours,
    Carol Welch

    Hope you don’t mind…a link to another poem:

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