She blames me for everything…

by Rod Smith

“My girlfriend and I have been going out for a year and a half. I fell in love with her a long time before that, but now I just don’t feel the same way. It’s like I want to break up with her but than at the same time I don’t dsc_0642know what to do without her. She is the love of my life but I can’t stand the way she is always blaming me for things that have nothing to do with me. I don’t know what to do. Please help.” (Edited)

Deciding you can’t live with her or without her, hardly gives her a lot of room to move. She’s a player in this too. It’s time for you to have a good head-to-heart talk with yourself (find out what you really want) and follow that with a good heart-to-heart talk with her (to find out what you both want). Greater clarity will probably do each of you a lot of good. At some point in your life you might discover that loving a person must progress beyond intense feelings of love.

2 Comments to “She blames me for everything…”

  1. Rod, very well stated. Love is much greater than the passion that we feel for each other. We must first know who we are and then open lines of honest communication to understand what we desire in our mate and if we are both taking a journey which we can both support and live with.

  2. hi there im going thru the same sort of relationship i would like to say i understand what you are going thru some women like to wear the trousers in the relationship and blame one and not her self take time out for yourself to reflect on the situation think hard to what you want ask yourself this is it healthy to stay in this kind of relationship becoz they will keep up this act

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