Is your relationship abusive?

by Rod Smith

None of the conditions has to be ever-present to count. Even abusive relationships are sometimes trauma and pain-free. Believing the “good times” excuses the “bad times” is an error.  The presence of ONE of the following means you could benefit from immediate help.

1.    Are you secretive about your relationship so no one really knows what you are enduring?
2.    Do you feel as if you have no room to move? You do not want to get any closer but you have no idea how to get out.
3.    Are you afraid? Your life is unpredictable, oscillating between extremes.
4.    Are you hiding, avoiding friends and family? It feels as if this person has control of your life and destiny.
5.    Do you feel that love hardly resembles love, trust does not feel like trust, and truth is not truth? You’ve lost your relationship compass.
6.    Are you subjected to sexual, physical, verbal, or emotional activity you do not want?
7.    He/She says he/she loves you yet restricts you from talking to others.
8.    He/she hides or steals your car or house keys, takes or withholds money, refuses to let you use the telephone, or reads your mail without your permission?

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