Sleeping dogs? Do I talk to my son about his father?

by Rod Smith

“My son’s father and I broke up before I found out that I was pregnant. There were minimal monetary contributions for 3 months after my son, now 13, was born. He wanted me to abort but I refused. My son has never asked me about his father and so I have never told him anything. I wonder if I should bring up the subject or let sleeping dogs lie. I’m

Email me, I am listening.

Email me, I am listening.

afraid that if I bring it up, then he might want to find him and his father might say he doesn’t want to meet him, which might make things worse. He is married and has other children. My phone number has not changed so he has no excuse for not getting in touch. I wonder if my son ever wonders about him but as far as I know, he never says a word even to his friends. Do I bring it up or wait until he is ready to ask questions?”

Sleeping dogs usually wake up hungry! What you avoid will be more powerful than what you face. Talk to your son. Tell him everything you have told me – but for the suggestion of abortion. He doesn’t need to know this.

One Comment to “Sleeping dogs? Do I talk to my son about his father?”

  1. I agree with Rod. I recently heard an elderly man speak of unresolved curiosity concerning his birth father. The man still wonders about him. Talking to your son is crucial. If you believe in Christ Jesus, pray through your fears. Talking with Him and talking with your son will be life-giving. Peace….

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