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August 27, 2007

Wife of drunk replies to yesterday’s letter…

by Rod Smith

“I read your reply to my letter in the paper this morning. Thank you for your advice, which I know too well but, as your readers have expressed, it is so hard to leave a relationship. However it is so sad. If only he had the courage to seek help. What a wonderful person he is. We had a wonderful weekend together as a family. He was so pleasant to be around but come Monday and I have to go to work, the alcohol demon will creep back into my home.”

Everything has a price! A great weekend apparently holds enough reward for you to be willing to dance with the “alcohol demon” (your term and not mine) for the rest of the week. You apparently do not have a problem with this marriage.

I am going to say this only one more time: it is you, and not your husband, who has the issue.

The “alcohol demon” will creep back into your home, and so will you.

Nothing will change until you are sufficiently fed up with the way you accept his treatment of you – making you second (or third or fourth) in his life to his selfish and destructive ways.