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August 7, 2007

My dad doesn’t want him (18) to contact me (14)….

by Rod Smith

“I am 14 and live with my dad and stepmother. There is a guy (18) who is interested in me and my dad is against this. He wants me to have nothing to do with him and even told him not to phone the house or to phone my cell. Can he (my dad) do this?”

Yes. And I’d suggest you obey your father and allow him to exercise his wisdom with all your potentially romantic encounters. The four years that separate you from the person expressing interest in you, is huge – when you are 14. He is an adult – you are a child.

If the young man were 14, fifteen, or sixteen, and your parents had already known him for some years, and socialized with his family, I’d suggest that your dad leave you to enjoy the friendship as much as possible – but this is not the case.

Most parents want the absolute best for their children and it seems your father’s desire to protect you is born of love. I think you’d be wise to allow his (your dad’s) counsel to prevail. Nothing worth having will be gained from setting yourself against your father in this matter.