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August 26, 2007

He drinks too much….

by Rod Smith

“I am at my wits end with my alcoholic husband. He has got better over the years in that he has gone from the hard drink to a softer drink but drink is drink. When I met him he use to sleep with a bottle of cane under the bed and have some all night long so when he woke in the morning he was totally drunk. Then it was wine all day. After much moaning from me he used to drink a bottle of sherry a day but after 15 years of nagging he drinks beer only. When I reach home he is not a happy site to look at. What must I do? (Portion of much longer letter)

Regular readers of this column will know what I am going to tell you. Your husband’s problems, although significant, are minor in comparison to yours! Why do you continue to live in a situation that is so toxic? He is unlikely to seek change while you resist assessing and changing your behavior. I know I will receive heaps of mail telling me that it is not easy to leave some relationships, but leaving will prove a lot more helpful to you than staying. Get the help YOU need.