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March 22, 2007

Girlfriend’s children run right over her and she does nothing about it….

by Rod Smith

My girlfriend has two girls who run right over her and she does nothing about it. The part that upsets me is that she will tell them that if they do something she is going to discipline them and they do it anyway and no action is taken. They get away with things time after time. I was raised totally differently and got what was coming to me. Another thing that angers me is their constant whining. They are used to getting whatever they want. I love my girlfriend but this is an issue that keeps us from growing. Her family and friends all think I am wrong with my beliefs and that she is right. Well society sees it my way when they are being brats in a public place. It gets to the point where I just want to knock their heads off and hers. (Letter edited)


Rod responds: Get help for your anger, Sir, before you find yourself in trouble. These children are not going away. The sooner you try to build a positive rapport with them the better. Trying to love, please, discipline, guide, and earn a living, for two little girls, is probably tough enough for your girlfriend. Adding an angry lover into mix must make it unbearable.