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March 3, 2007

Grace others this week….

by Rod Smith

Making it a week of grace…

The challenge is simple: be a presence of grace and healing wherever you are.

Think ‘forgive’ not retaliation. Answer quietly, even if another roars.

Listen, even when it is something you’d rather not hear.

Resist return attacks with your own verbal volley when words are thrown at you, even if those words are untrue, unfair, and unwarranted. Don’t defend yourself, or attack anyone.

Grace is about presence, and service. It is about declaring your willingness to comfort, to assist, to encourage.

Grace is not demonstrated in blind giving, or indiscriminate enabling of the poor manners or the laziness of others, but it is shown when burdens are shared or when friends ‘clear the deck’ and so empower others to find their greatness.

Grace is about perseverance, perseverance in love, truth, friendship, loyalty, and in finding humor even in the darkest of hours.

May you make it, as far as you are able, a week of grace.