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March 13, 2007

Are you a healing presence where you work?

by Rod Smith

1. You entertain no gossip and extinguish it the minute you see it rear its ugly head – even if the source is a longtime friend.

2. You take no sides in other people’s squabbles – even if one person is clearly right and the other is clearly wrong.

3. You stay on task and within the general boundaries of what you are hired to accomplish.

4. You understand that while sound and positive human relationships make for a good working environment, you are at work to complete work-related tasks – you are not at work with the primary goal of making friends.

5. You understand that if you blur the lines between your home life and your work life, you will contaminate both worlds with the anxieties of the other, and, as a result, make life seem impossible for people in both places.

6. You respect your boss and yourself enough to be able to stand up to him/her and directly address any injustice you see or experience within your work environment.

7. You talk directly, and only, with people who are appropriately empowered to act on an issue when you are dissatisfied about something at work – and you resist sharing your dissatisfaction with co-workers.