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March 21, 2007

I think he married me because I was pregnant…

by Rod Smith

Reader writes: I have been married for about six months and have a daughter of four months. My husband and I argue all of the time, about everything. I am really depressed. I don’t think he loves me. I never wanted to get divorced, and I can’t imagine putting my child through a divorce, but I just can’t imagine staying in this marriage. We had only been dating a few months when I got pregnant, and so we got married. I’ve always thought he only married me because I was pregnant. There is a huge age difference between us. I am 24. He is 40.

Rod’s response: The arrival of a baby can place a lot of stress on the strongest of marriages. It is too soon to be talking of divorce. Get some help. Find a group of other new parents to talk, and you will probably find your thoughts are echoed among them. I’d suggest you shift your emphasis from wondering why he married, or how he is feeling, to getting about the beautiful business of co-nurturing your young child. If you embrace being a wife and mother he may find it in him to do his equal share as husband and dad.