Reader encourages others to use AA and Al-ANON

by Rod Smith

“In reference to your column of 1/13/06 about a young person whose mother drinks. I found your reply comforting. I would like to suggest the young person go to Al – Anon. I, myself, am an alcoholic and I have been sober for nearly seven years, which I could only have done through AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). I know any son or daughter of an alcoholic would benefit from Al Anon. Alcoholism is such a terrible disease for the family and friends of active alcoholics. At least at Al Anon, a child would not feel so alone. My parents went to Al Anon and what they learned finally got me to go to AA. I’ve never looked back. Please pass this on: there are Al Anon meetings everywhere that AA meets. They are not difficult to find.”

Take up your life

Take up your life

Congratulations on your seven years of regained sanity and sobriety achieved “one day at time.” Indeed, all over the world, families of active and recovering alcoholics have found powerful skills and encouragement from Al Anon. I have frequently witnessed the vicious, invasive power of the abuse of alcohol to destroy people and families. I have also had the joy of meeting an army of men and women who’ve found magnificent, enduring sobriety through the fellowship and encouragement of Alcoholics Anonymous.

One Comment to “Reader encourages others to use AA and Al-ANON”

  1. I have heard numerous AA chairs where the speaker stated that they got into AA because their partner had started going to Al-Anon. Changed attitudes can aid recovery – this is very heartening – and Al-Anon is such a loving fellowship I can’t see how even one meeting won’t help.

    Congratulations on your recovery so far.

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