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January 11, 2006

I am not ready to be healthy…

by Rod Smith

“Over the last few months my life has changed quite a lot. I was in a very unhappy relationship with a very selfish person who could not let me make my own choices. I began reading some of the books you suggested I have seen how much I am also not very healthy. I was always blaming him for being controlling but I know it is also me. Now that I have made a stand I am not sure I want to be as healthy as I can be because it means I might lose what I have got. Please give me your insight. I am feeling very insecure about the changes I have made.” (Letter shortened)

To be emotionally healthy is very costly, and all growth will require some degree of discomfort and loss. If you are not ready to change what you had (or still have) you have to consider whether you are ready to go back to what you have always had. People do what they are ready to do. People take on the necessary pain change requires when they are sufficiently discontent and want something better. Your life is completely in your hands. You will do what you are ready to do.