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January 5, 2006

Seven things for teenagers to accept about their parents:

by Rod Smith

1. They know more than you know about important matters. (I concede that you probably know infinitely more than your parents about computers, the Internet and cellular phones, but they do know more about life than you do).
2. They want the very best for you even if you do not agree with them about what is the very best for you.
3. They tend to look at long-term ramifications of almost everything while it is likely that you tend to consider the here and now as if there will be no tomorrow.
4. They tend to see the big-picture for the whole family while it is likely that you think the big picture is a close-up, celebrity head-shot, of you.
5. They want a wonderful future for you more than you probably have the capacity to even imagine.
6. Their instincts about whom you date are probably more accurate than yours. If your mother or father thinks he is a loser or she is too demanding they are probably right. You’d do well to act on their advice.
7. What they want from you is very easy to deliver if you simply take the time to discover what it is they want.