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January 3, 2006

Child screams like you have never heard before and for everything…

by Rod Smith

My granddaughter (under 2) and her parents are staying with us. The child screams: when she doesn’t get her own way; during the night when she wakes up; at bath time; for food; for attention. When I say scream it is so loud and lasts for so long it’s unbelievable. We cannot go to a public place. My daughter says it is in the child’s nature and she can’t do anything about because “it’s her personality.” What can I do to ease this unbearable situation we find ourselves in without hurting anybody.” (Letter edited)

Tread lightly. Making comment or assessment on another’s child (even if it your grandchild) will probably result in hurt feelings, even if what you say is not hurtful. Someone is not speaking up or standing up to the child so she is wielding more power than is good for a child.

If the screaming is rewarded, it is effective and will therefore continue. Both parents have to render the screaming ineffective or it will seem to be “her personality.” I’d suggest three days of un-rewarded screaming might break the child of this awful behavior. If mom and dad do this, your daughter might not feel so victimized by the child’s behavior.

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