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January 9, 2006

Now I feel like the “other” woman….

by Rod Smith

Question: I am living with a man who left a “dead” marriage for me. For the first few months everything was wonderful but now I feel like the “other woman.” This week his son needs help with fixing a car. Last week his daughter needed help transporting her church choir. I know he wants to see his children but now I am seeing him less than I did when he was married. He is seeing his children more now than when he was married. He sees his ex-wife at the house they once lived in while I am at home alone while he is taking care of matters from the “dead” life he divorced! I had more of him when I didn’t have him. Now that I have him I hardly see him. What do you think?

Response: What you are (not) thinking is more important than what I think. Your tragic errors: you believed divorcing a wife was the same as divorcing his children; you forgot affairs always make the “love” seem stronger than it is; you were (perhaps still are) convinced that someone can be “owned.” I have met many men who have left wives for lovers. Very few look back and are glad. I trust you will find love and happiness by legitimate means – the next time.