Too close? No – too busy! Babies will change that……

by Rod Smith

“My wife and I have a degree of independence and separation that we will seldom even see each other if we don’t work at it. This is all well and good while we do not have children but I predict a huge change when we blessed with children. We are having great lives together as almost newly weds (we got married three years ago!) but our struggle is not too much of each other, as I have read is the problem many of your readers face, but too little time to be together. Any suggestions?”

Space is hard to maintain...

Space is hard to maintain...

“Too much” (overly close) and “too little” (overly independent) of each other are very similar positions that can each provoke couples to initiate modifications in their relationship. It seems you and your wife are wonderfully equipped to request what you need of each other, and then to offer what you can to the other.

Regarding children, you are correct. The arrival of an infant or two into your busy lives will radically assist you both to modify your degree of independence and separation. Children, especially infants, will demand many changes of both of their parents and they will be changes I trust you will both willingly embrace.

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