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June 25, 2012

The Genius of Great Leadership

by Rod Smith
  • Is not that you, the leader, get your way. It is that those whom you lead discover the power of fully understanding their valued and vital contribution to your declared, shared, and treasured goals and get to use as many of their inherent gifts and skills to help reach them.
  • Is not that you, the leader, are recognized. It is that those whom you lead are empowered and sufficiently “free” to make their own mark on your declared, shared, and treasured goals and are positioned to receive all due credit as if you yourself, did not even exist.
  • Is not that you, the leader, are the one with all the good or brilliant ideas. It is that you have created a context where the development and exchange of ideas (of all sizes and quality) is a way of life and your shared brilliance becomes difficult to track or pin on one lone genius or one heroic leader.
  • Is not that you, the appointed or official leader, lead at everything. You understand that your ability to lead is enmeshed with your ability to follow. You get out of the way and assist and encourage those who are better equipped at any task or project to assume the awe-filled position of leader.


November 29, 2007

The power of human love…. is in you…

by Rod Smith

It is in us to love. It’s human. We have the capacity for it. Even hurt and rejected people can love. Once a person accepts that love has more than romantic connotations, as powerful and valid as these of course are, he or she will be able to see its broader power.

Love is unleashed through simple, but not easy, human acts of seeking the highest good both for oneself and for others. Acts of offering unearned forgiveness, of reaching out to the estranged, of welcoming a stranger, of letting go of all prejudice, of rejecting dishonesty – all begin within the individual human heart.

When a person intentionally facilitates others toward finding and enjoying and exercising the full range of their humanity, he or she will know and see and experience the powerhouse love is.

Even people with reason to reject others, having themselves been rejected or treated inhumanely, have it in them to love, if they dare to muster the courage for it. It comes quite naturally to the courageous person, and when it is unleashed, the purposes and the meaning of life surge into the heart of all who have the courage to hear and respond to its powerful call.

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