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January 2, 2018

I am my first reader….

by Rod Smith

If you want a more spiritual 2018 do the following….

  • Tell the truth with love and with kindness. Truth may be brutal but you don’t have to be.
  • Pay your debts and pledges. If you cannot be honest about why declare your plan about how you will.
  • Be kind to everyone, especially those who serve you, annoy you, and those you have somehow misunderstood as being “below” you. None of us is above or below anyone.
  • Seek mutuality, equality, and respect in every relationship. If any of these qualities is missing from any relationships delve into why it is so and fix it. Fixing it may involve humility and courage. Be assured, both are good for you.
  • Define yourself before someone else does. This does not necessitate confrontation, but it may.
  • Take hold of your life, finances, and habits before someone else has to. Remember spiritualty is measured in how you handle money and what you do with it.
  • Join or create a community of equals. Stay with it even when, and especially when, it may become uncomfortable.
  • If your faith or religion has made you hard and certain and rigid find a new church.

Please, dear reader, know that I am my first reader, my first audience. I write what I need to hear.

January 2, 2018

Problem? Or, solution?

by Rod Smith

Hoards of us are over-privileged. We are indulged and entitled.

We are demanding, self-centered, often impossible.

We eat too much, spend too much, waste mounds of everything, and get annoyed if things don’t go exactly according to our self-centered plans.

This includes me, of course, which is not for some appearance of humility.

Perhaps like you, I can be quite impossible.

This condition of being over-privileged is most crudely evident when we waste what we already have, and then expect more of whatever it is we’ve already squandered.

It’s seeing life as a bottomless cup – for phones, cars, computers, houses, travel, and even for friends.

How quickly I lose sight that there are billions of people who would readily trade their lives for mine and for all I have, for where I live, for what I do, and for my day to day comforts – and probably do a better job at leveraging it all for the good of all.

At my worst I am drunk on myself – and I see others who are equally hung-over.

At my best I am low-maintenance. I serve. I love. I use all I have for the betterment of all – the very purpose of blessing and wealth.

At my best I am part of the solution to the problems in the world.

At my worst, I am the problem.