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January 31, 2018

A note to dads….

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Thursday

In the biblical parable of the prodigal who returns after squandering his inheritance the father runs to meet the now-humbled son and celebrates his return. A massive party ensues. He who was unreachable and in a distant land (no Facebook, no Snap Chat) discovered the harsh truths of diminishing then vanishing resources and his desperation sends him home as one willing to be his father’s hired hand.

The parable, the subject of a million sermons and interpreted by the greatest of artists over thousands of years, is about the father’s love.

He is generous. He is patient. He is forgiving.

He’s spent, we can safely presume, years watching for the son’s return, and when it happens, he is overwhelmed with joy with no a trace of recrimination expressed in his vulnerable, exuberant welcome.

Of course the dad could be hurt again. He could use the return as a “teaching moment” but he doesn’t. He loves with abandon.

I don’t know what went on in his heart (and it is a parable) but I do know what it is like to receive my father’s love after years of distance and rebellion.

Dads everywhere – please reach out to your sons and daughters today – young child, adult, local or distant, and express the love for your sons and daughters that is burning beautifully in your heart.