Problem? Or, solution?

by Rod Smith

Hoards of us are over-privileged. We are indulged and entitled.

We are demanding, self-centered, often impossible.

We eat too much, spend too much, waste mounds of everything, and get annoyed if things don’t go exactly according to our self-centered plans.

This includes me, of course, which is not for some appearance of humility.

Perhaps like you, I can be quite impossible.

This condition of being over-privileged is most crudely evident when we waste what we already have, and then expect more of whatever it is we’ve already squandered.

It’s seeing life as a bottomless cup – for phones, cars, computers, houses, travel, and even for friends.

How quickly I lose sight that there are billions of people who would readily trade their lives for mine and for all I have, for where I live, for what I do, and for my day to day comforts – and probably do a better job at leveraging it all for the good of all.

At my worst I am drunk on myself – and I see others who are equally hung-over.

At my best I am low-maintenance. I serve. I love. I use all I have for the betterment of all – the very purpose of blessing and wealth.

At my best I am part of the solution to the problems in the world.

At my worst, I am the problem.

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