by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Monday

Think yourself into a new way of being and feeling. When people overly focus on their feelings they tend to be trapped in a moment. The feeling keeps you there, keeps you in a moment, and it’s often in a place you don’t want to be.

Thinking frees up possibilities.

A large sheet of paper developed into a blueprint with colored pencils and sketches and symbols of crazy and courageous and wonderful and colorful plans for the next five to ten years will get you into a whole lot of more productive Imagineering than sitting around trying to identify exactly how you feel or how you felt.*

Yes. It’s important to understand feelings. It is important to acknowledge them. But they are not good and leading, guiding, and planning. They are unreliable, they are fickle, often linked to how much coffee you’ve had or how much you did or did not sleep.

If you want a really good new year move from your heart to you head, and plan it. Put your heart in the hands of your head before you follow it!

Before I’m hit with mail telling me it’s important to feel and that I am denying my own feelings by suggesting we focus on thinking more than feeling let me tell you that I am not.

I think a lot about how I feel!

* Yes. I know it’s a long sentence.

Have a great 1/1 everybody-

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