Taxi driver has anxiety attacks when driving…..

by Rod Smith

“I have been having anxiety attacks for the past 6 years. I had my first one on the freeway. I thought I can’t drive the freeway for awhile. I started getting them in short places. It is really bad for me. I own a taxi and drive for a living. In the past I have had two bad car crashes when I used to drink and drive a lot. I was in a bad crash while I was working one night. A bus pulled right out in front of me and it was bad. It took about 5 months then my attacks got worse! I didn’t drive for about a year and a half but in that time I was getting attacks in the car with other people when I wasn’t even driving. I’m back to work but still get them very, very bad to where I got to stop and have someone who works for me come get me. I have tried programs and nothing is working. Please help.” (Edited spelling only)

If driving is causing you this much anxiety you might want to consider another form of employment other than driving a taxi. While this does not conquer the problem there is something to be said for removing oneself from the immediate contexts where the stresses occur.

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