Three questions that on occasion come my way….

by Rod Smith

You adopted two children at birth as a single man. You are white and they are both black. Three questions: 1. Did you ever think of your actions as selfish given that there are thousands of couples trying to adopt? 2. How did you handle the children as infants – men don’t usually do that part of rearing babies? 3. Is race an issue? (Questions contracted from several sources into one reply).

Here we are: dog included!

Thanks for your loving concern. In both instances my children (now 12 and eight) came to me – as in, I did nothing to search for children.

1. Thulani’s mother approached me. Nathanael’s arrival was “out of the blue” when a friend knew he was “alone” and available at the local state hospital. I was present at Thulani’s birth and met Nathanael when he was 8 days old. So, no, I did not “take” my children from any couple but rather responded to a mother’s request and to a need.

2. It is a myth that women and not men can nurture a baby. Any reasonable man, given my circumstances, could and would do the same. I loved the late night feedings and all that went with loving infants.

3. Race is not an issue for me – clearly it is for you.

5 Comments to “Three questions that on occasion come my way….”

  1. and we’re glad about all of the above!

  2. Absolutely wonderful! You will be blessed and surely are with those wonderful children!

  3. That’s WOW !that’s miracle!Wonderful blessing!

  4. Your story is so full of love, life, and blessings. You are a lucky man and together you are a lucky family! But it’s not very fair to assume someone has an issue with race if they were asking a genuine question. It’s a real question in this world that is not always kind or understanding.

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