Give Something Away Every Day (GSAED) begins avalanche of donations….

by Rod Smith

“The ball started rolling purely because of GSAED. It is a heart-warming story, with a happy ending. Motala Heights Children’s Home is a refuge run by a residents association in an informal settlement near Pinetown. They care for 120 children between 1 and 15 years old. Their ‘Christmas Tree’ – an event eagerly looked forward to as you can imagine – was scheduled for next Tuesday – but yesterday the sponsor pulled out without warning.

“Warwick Chapman – a hugely energetic person cared enough to get involved. Through Facebook, he managed to get a R5,000 donation from one of the GSAED followers to kick the fund off. That started an avalanche of donations – from someone baking 120 cupcakes on Monday, through scores of wrapped Christmas gifts to cash donations.

“Now, one day later, it looks like the party and meal promised will be even better than was originally planned. Rod, it all comes down to the GSAED campaign. People were in the giving frame of mind – and they latched on to the opportunity as it presented itself. Thank you for opening so many people’s hearts and minds to the opportunity to give.”

A reader….

Des Ramsay

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