Help me understand my son……

by Rod Smith

First necessity: RELAX

“I have a married son and a young grandson. From four months the baby was left with his maternal grandmother for daycare. I am totally against that he is not in a crèche. I believe that the crèche is the correct place. I have spoken to my son on several occasions in vain. My son and wife always know better how to raise him. I made a decision to back off and decided I would shower my love on this child when he is with me. My son and wife must lead their own lives and make their own decisions. I grab the child at every opportunity to give him my undivided attention. Almost everyday I take a walk and we spend a few minutes together. I feel that’s enough cause he needs to be with his parents. Recently my son mentioned he would like to us to behave more like grandparents. This broke my heart. Please help me understand my son and his wife. I feel they don’t know what they want or are just selfish.” (Edited)

Relax. Resist all impulse to correct, control, and direct the actions of your son and his family. As you are doing, enjoy the child. Your son will grow up – your grandson will insist upon it.

One Comment to “Help me understand my son……”

  1. Why would a “daycare center” be better for the child than being with a family member (a Grandparent). If the child was this Grandmother all day, would her opinion be the same? I feel that a child being with one of the parents during the day is ideal and next best is being with family. (A healthy family member)

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