A wife writes…..

by Rod Smith

“I read with interest about the woman subjected to her husband’s rage and her subsequent lack of emotion and passion. I lived with this for many years believing I was to blame. Each time more of my emotions died until there was nothing left.  Not only did I have his anger outbursts, I was also not allowed to cry because that was considered manipulation. I believe that this is an addiction as my husband seems to need to do it every 10 days and will vent on whoever is handy and is in a weaker position than he is.  Sometimes it is so bad that several people get to feel his anger. I have since told him that his anger is his problem and has nothing to do with me.  I also manage most times to not react when he is having one of his tantrums and just let the anger run its course. I have also learned to not listen to the abuse about how useless I am. I have worked very hard on trying to live my life as best I can and to do things that make me happy and live in hope that one day my emotions and passions will be reignited.” (Edited)

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