We fight for hours……

by Rod Smith

“My husband and I argue and fight a lot. Our fights become physical and we hit each other. We live with his mother and there’s tension between us. I know I need to move out. We have a young son who watches us fight. He screams when he sees it. I don’t want my son exposed to this sort of behavior. I get so easily annoyed with his family as I feel that I don’t have the privacy that I need or the freedom to be myself. I cannot call the house my home. We argue over our families as we constantly try to find fault. When we fight he swears at me and calls me cruel names. I can’t stand that so I swear him back. I was never this kind of person. I feel he takes advantage of me. Our fights go on for hours.”

Your son needs you to grow up. You are parents – not disturbed adolescents. Many multiple-generation homes are wonderfully successful – examine what is it about you (not your husband or his mother) that you cannot find comfortable compromises. A healthy peace will never prevail while you are so focused on the faults of others, while you are hitting each other, while you are spoiled children in adult roles.

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