Monday: day of opportunity…..

by Rod Smith

I try to regard Mondays as a smorgasbord of opportunity.


1. I will abandon all resentment and similar internal (emotional, psychological) attempts to freeze me in a less fulfilling past.
2. I will reject small-mindedness and try to see the “big picture” in all I do.
3. I will not alienate others through senseless confrontations and consequently have to expend valuable energy in “cleaning up” after myself.
4. I will focus on being loving rather than on being right even if doing so gives me the appearance of losing face.
5. I will try to be generous, gracious, flexible, and fun.
6. I will resist the natural urge to fix others and make them more like me.
7. I will not pursue those who avoid me nor hide from those who pursue me.
8. I will take time to acknowledge that I am part of a community, part of a team, co-creators, co-hopers, where each of us is working for our mutual success.
9. I will negotiate and cooperate with family members, friends and colleagues and play my part in empowering the greater fulfillment of others.

2 Comments to “Monday: day of opportunity…..”

  1. WOW! Thank you again for the wisdom… Very helpful!

    • Rod!

      When I get by to read your wit, wisdom general life stuff… I am always amazed at the timing. Anyway thank you so much for this special piece. I am keeping it, sharing it, and thanking God for it.

      Miss you and your family.. crazy times and TRIPLETS! who does that anyway!?



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