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July 7, 2010

He’s fallen for a massage “gal” who gives him favors…..

by Rod Smith

It MUST get rough to get better

Things will get tough before they improve....

“We have a classic case of ‘midlife crisis’ – after being married almost 30 years I told my husband to move out. He has been having an affair with an ‘exotic’ massage gal who gives sexual favors. This is who he fell for. We went to marriage counseling but his heart was not in it. He strayed because he was bored and unhappy. I have been the most amazing wife any man could have! Today he told me, ‘I just don’t love you anymore.’ He is living in a delusional world thinking that this prostitute is the key to his happiness. What a joke! All she wants is money and someone to take care of her. She has nothing and saw the gravy train. I’ll tell you why he says he doesn’t love me anymore, it’s because he found someone else to fill his void. He also told me that he doesn’t see himself with me for another twenty years without passion. What a joke he is in the romantic/infatuation phase of a relationship. Men are down right stupid.” (Minimal edits)

Get IN, not OUT!

Your mutual troubles have nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the prostitute, and it is going to be a very costly journey for both of you to find this out. Getting out will not solve any of the issues in this marriage any more than he will revitalize his life with visits to a “exotic” massage gal. A good therapist will lead (empower) you INTO, and not OUT of this relationship. Thirty years is a long time to be sabotaged by a little boredom. Please read MANY posts on this site and give me a call (the numbers is readily available if you drop me an Email) and I will see how I may assist you. This is a prime illustration of the cliche “the issue is not the issue.”