Are you dead? Can I hear kicking and screaming inside that coffin?

by Rod Smith

Life means SOME pain....

Kindly forgive my macabre Monday morning metaphor but I am pleased to say I know several men and women who are trying to kick their coffin lids open. I’ve heard the kicking and knocking; muffled thuds, and the occasional groan. These men and women are tired of being the living dead! It’s gotten old; it doesn’t suit them anymore. Being fully alive feels like a better option. So they are kicking up a fuss and trying to come back.

As I am sure you can imagine, thuds and groans from the inside of a closed coffin is a most wonderful sound, (unless of course having a partner who is dead has been helpful).

My friends have discovered it is death-giving to soft-pedal through life. They are tired of dancing to the drum of untrustworthy people and know how killing it is. It’s taken a while, but they finally discovered that death-like symptoms emerge when they place their faith in those who have repeatedly hurt, abandoned, or lied to them. Each one of my coffin-lid-kicking friends has finally seen that getting caught up in the middle of other people’s issues leads to kicking and screaming. So they are, and it is a delightful sound.

Listen closely. Is that you I hear kicking and screaming to come back to life? Ah, what beautiful music.

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