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May 13, 2010

She is the same age as our daughter…..

by Rod Smith

“Six years ago my husband befriended a young girl who needed his help. She is the same age has our daughter. They started to sms each other and they knew everything about each other. I really had a bad time dealing with it including sleepless nights. I could not understand how they could be so cruel to do this to me. I kept everything to myself, suffering in silence. We are still together and he is still in contact with her, although she has a boyfriend. They now work together so I cannot do anything but pray. My only regret is that I wished I had told the family. I blame myself for allowing it to happen. I choose to stay because of my children so that they could have the love of a father.” (Edited)

Your contributions to this mess are your silence and embracing your role as a victim. It is possible, even after 6 years, to speak up. Take him by surprise and refuse to cooperate with his toxic triangle. What do you have to lose that you have not already lost? Become exceedingly uncooperative with his game so that you may reacquaint yourself with the silent, yet powerful, woman within you.