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May 10, 2010

5 (now 6) Inescapable truths about relationships…

by Rod Smith

1. From the most casual to the most intimate of relationships people will ultimately, if not immediately, resist control.
2. Forgiveness and grace will ultimately over-power resentment and rigidity.
3. Unless parties are equal and respectful and mutual in every manner an adult-adult relationship will never reach its full potential.
4. While parents are more focused on their children than they are on growth within their own lives, the children will carry the unresolved issues of the over-focused parent.
5. A new beginning, a clean slate, turning over a new leaf (however the metaphor is phrased) is only authentically possible when reasonable attempts have been made to mend the errors of the past.
6. (Submitted by “Lighthouse”) A relative over investment or under performance in a relationship will surely lead to a chaotic correction. While you cannot escape this truth, you can escape the hazard by using discretion when choosing with whom to have relationships and what level of intimacy you share. Choose people whose inclination is to invest at a sustainable level and just let them be themselves… but only if you can commit to the same or people will be escaping from you.