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May 5, 2010

Ten, actaully 11, things to think and say to yourself when you get the feeling you are headed for a crises…..

by Rod Smith

1. I will not panic.
2. There are probably many options I have not considered.
3. How I respond to this will be more important than the issue itself.
4. This is not about specific people; rather it is about the environment I have allowed to develop between or among us.
5. No matter how tough things get I will not resort to lies, making others the scapegoat for any issues.
6. I will enter every conflict with the intention of facing and resolving problems and forgiving my foes.
7. I will enter tough meetings or conflicted circumstances with a spirit of humility, a desire to be a healing presence, and a set of possible solutions.
8. I will promote love and understanding, even at the expense of appearing weak or appearing “wrong”.
9. I will attempt to listen more than I talk.
10. I will not resort to insulting or humiliating others in order to support my position or strengthen my case.
11. I will be responsible for myself, and responsible to and not for others.