Just for today…..

by Rod Smith

I am going to live like THIS.......!

Today, and perhaps just for today, I am going to turn my world upside down. I am going to address selfishness with generosity, confront fear with faith, and unkind people with a direct and bold, friendly approach. When I see divisive behavior or hear divisive talk, I am going to be strong and forthright. I will get myself out of corners by refusing to indulge in destructive dialogue about anyone. I am going to forgive others, even those who do not think they need it. I am going to do all I can to put others in touch with their own greatness and potential for it. I will look for the good in others, help them discover their talents, and encourage them to use their skills and gifting. When I am tempted to focus on the debilitating issues of the immediate, I will take a large step backwards and look at the larger picture. When the future, the “big picture”, with its risks and difficulties scares me, I will focus on the immediate beauty that surrounds me. Today holds as much opportunity for wellness, generosity, greatness, kindness, grace, and humor as any day, and therefore, I will not miss a moment of it.

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