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February 1, 2010

Adult-to-adult relationship – when one is the parent and the other is the adult son or daughter……

by Rod Smith

1. We are mutual and respectful in every way and treat each other as we would treat any valued friend.
2. We talk respectfully to each other and we talk respectfully about each other.
3. We do not feel pressure to tell each other more (or less) than we’d reveal to other treasured friends.
4. We are friends, sometimes companions, who also happen to be parent and adult son or daughter.
5. We do not barge into each others lives, presume availability, or assume willingness to spend time together, just because we are related.
6. We contact each other, we talk on the phone, and drop in on each other while also fully acknowledging that each of us has a full life outside of each other.
7. We respect each others freedom to interpret the past as he or she sees necessary.
8. We offer each other the freedom to plan a future that might represent a radical departure from the way things have been.
9. We offer absolute respect to the people we each choose to love.
10. We seldom, if ever, tell each other what the other “should”, “ought”, “need”, or “must” do.