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February 10, 2010

Comment reveals high integrity……

by Rod Smith

“I have had numerous chances to cheat in my marriage but did not allow myself to do so, and I would avoid putting myself in difficult situations. Why? Because I love the person I am with too much and did not want to hurt or be untrustworthy to my loved ones. I have never cheated in my 28 years of marriage. I admit that much of my strong beliefs would have to do with my upbringing. My parents gave us values, moral, ethics, and discipline which have made me the strong person I am today. I’ve never even gone through any drugs,drinking, or smoking periods that some youths go through. I know not all children are fortunate enough as I’ve been to stay strong with ‘life’s sins.’ I suppose it may sound like I’m judging, but I’m not. It just seems to me if you really love the person you are with, you won’t hurt them, but some people fall out of love and may see things differently than I do.” (Letter – posted as a comment – minimally edited)

I see the writer’s choice to be committed to his or her spouse, a determination to maintain integrity, and a deep sense of gratitude to his or her fortunate history – a recipe for success and fulfillment.