She’s suspicious amost every year at this time…..

by Rod Smith

“Once again my wife is accusing me of having affairs. This happens almost every year around this time of the year as I am more social with work activities than she prefers. I have NEVER had an affair and as far as I can predict I don’t think I ever will. I am not very happily married but I know an affair would not any good. Her late dad was repeatedly unfaithful and it caused lots of problems for the family. My wife really is seeing her father’s problems and projecting them onto me. I am not looking for advice. I just want to show you that some things are passed down as I have often read in your column.” (Edited)

Where is this stuff coming from? Many years back....

Many couples fight yesterday’s issues as if they began in the here and now. It is regretful that your wife has allowed suspicion to crowd her awareness to the point that it gets in the way of how you relate day to day.

My challenge to you, although you are seeking no advice, would be to find a way to become more fully who you are, in order that your marriage might be better positioned to deliver you from your current state of being unhappily married.

One Comment to “She’s suspicious amost every year at this time…..”

  1. *sigh* its unfortunate since her frame of how her dad is like has projected itself on her husband, and not everyone is like that.

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