Should I address injustices I see?

by Rod Smith

Families can be dangerous...

Families can be dangerous...

“I see a lot of injustice in my extended family. It’s not horrific stuff, but subtle shunning, leaving people off lists, playing innocent when guilty, and so forth. Should I be addressing these things or should I just let things be? How much can one person change a family?”

Address, with courage and kindness, the matters that directly pertain to you. The price of peacekeeping (appeasing others) is a far greater one than you will pay for peacemaking (allowing and facilitating necessary conflict).

But, tackle only what directly pertains to you. If you mess with relationships that you are not part of (where you are not one of the parties in the relationship) you will pay a price you might not want to afford. Families can be very dangerous places.

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