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October 23, 2009

My parents want to force me to go to church….

by Rod Smith

My mother and father believe that Christianity is one and only way to God. We argue often! My dad blames the martial art I do for me rejecting the dogma of Christianity and is now FORCING me to go to church. Please help. I am 16 and male.

Flexibility on your part....

Flexibility on your part....

If your parents are anything like most of the men and women I run into everyday, they want to be your advocates and not your enemies. They want what is wonderful for you. I’ll bet the day will come when going to church with your parents will sound like a fabulous opportunity so I’d suggest you go, and that you go with a good attitude. While you are at church with your parents, try to be as open and affirming as possible.

Claiming to be grown up and able to make wise choices (which I admit you have not claimed in your letter) becomes evident when a young person chooses to enjoy doing what his or her parents want simply because the parents have asked. Be aware that your resistance could render you as difficult as you perceive them to be. I think you’d be amazed at how flexible and cooperative parents become when they see sons and daughters being flexible and cooperative.