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October 27, 2009

She’s going away for four months….

by Rod Smith


Use the time to grow....

My girlfriend is going to be working on a cruise ship in two weeks and I won’t see her for four months. I know it doesn’t seem long. I’m wondering how to pass time and not let it bother me so much?

Here are three of many options. I hope you take the third:

1. Think and talk about her all the time but keep very busy. Talk as much as possible about how she could possibly have done this to you. Measure your love by the degree to which you miss her and how much she says she misses you. Exhaust yourself (and her) by trying to contact her everyday. Bind yourself to your email and to your phone so you don’t miss any of her attempts to contact you.
2. Go into a cave for four months and don’t talk to anyone, so everyone can see how much you “love” and miss her. Do whatever you can to get people to feel sorry for you. Exhaust others. Appear neglected.
3. Before she leaves offer her a loving and free passage to contact you or to NOT contact you. Tell her that while you will miss her, you will not be pre-occupied with where she is and what she is doing. Use the time to grow: accept that part of love involves some separation and go diligently about your life.