Can he love me and yet reject my daughter?

by Rod Smith

“I have a 4 year old daughter from my ex boyfriend. I met someone at the beginning of the year who seemed loving and caring but as time went by he wasn’t the same person as he was before, he treated my daughter differently he doesn’t like her. He always shouts at her for no reason. He wants us to get married at the end of November. I’m expecting his child at the end of December. Now Rod, the question I want to ask you is how can someone love you but hate your child? Is there a future there?”

Reduce variables...

Reduce variables...

There are sufficient red flags for you to hold of on wedding plans. Try to focus on what is best for your daughter and for your unborn child – both of whom will require much energy and love – without adding to the mix a man who rejects at least one of your children. Try having no intimate relationships for a few years while you get on your feet as a person. I am fully aware of the difficulties of the challenge I am presenting, but, the more variables you are able to reduce (a difficult man being one of those variables), the more “smooth” your life as a family is likely to become.

2 Comments to “Can he love me and yet reject my daughter?”

  1. Excellent advice! See the red flags and keep your eyes wide open. Love is love and should not be dolled out to one and not another in a family.

  2. I really feel for you and your situation. In my opinion the advice is so right but I do know that you are facing a life as a single parent of two small children and the future is extremely scary. I would hope that you have family and close friends who can walk this journey with you and help you when the difficult times are there. You have one life and I encourage you to live it well, for yourself and for your children. If your boyfriend doesn’t contribute in a positive way then you could do without that as an added complication. I wish you God’s wisdom and blessings.

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